“I have used Joanie on my last two books for editing. My books are translated into English and Joanie’s attention to grammar and sentence flow is great. She is fast, thorough and affordable. I will definitely be using her services for my next book.” Mette Barfelt, Author of the Solvik Series

“Thank you to my editor, Joanie Chevalier, for turning this book around (literally, in some places!) and for all your support and encouragement during the whole process. Your little side notes made me smile and brightened up my day when things got too much for me.” – Helen Pryke, Author of The Healer’s Secret

“For me, Joanie has served as a beta reader for two novels. In her reviews, she dissected the stories under a microscope and viewed them the way a soaring bird sees a landscape. While pointing out maybe a duplicated word (she even once corrected an inadvertent extra space-bar strike!), she commented on character, emotion, point-of-view consistency, and theme. The whole time, she sprinkled in enough encouragement to send me quickly back to the keyboard. I should also note that, after accepting payment for beta reader services, Joanie did not solicit her higher-cost editing (which, I have no doubt, would also be invaluable), and that’s downright professional. My sincerest thanks go out to Joanie Chevalier.” – Jeff Van Valer, Author of The Light in the Trees andWhite Birch Graffiti

“I have used Joanie on multiple occasions for editing and formatting work. I have been very pleased, not just with the affordability of her pricing, but for the value of the work she delivered back to me. She has a keen eye and a special level of attention to not just structure and grammar, but to the content involved as well. Joanie has seen pieces of a story that just don’t fit, or that might fit in another place with more ease. Her ability to format has been a lifesaver for me. My first book was not done to nearly that format that she was able. Joanie helped my final draft come off polished and ready for publication. She’s encouraging, while remaining tough. She has a way about her that helps you to see that maybe you really can do it after all.” – Nellie Neves, Author of Falcon and Nightwatch.

“I have a large, technical book which I have translated into English. I needed a proofreader for the final PDF files before publishing it, and Joanie both gave me a great bid and timeframe, and was willing to work directly with the PDFs, which was essential to me. The quality of her work is excellent, and I am delighted to be working with her.” -Wahhab Baldwin, Sufism is Christianized Islam: A Study of Sufism through the Works of Ibn Arabi of Murcia by Miguel Asín Palacios, translated by Wahhab Baldwin

“I was very pleased with the professionalism and value of Joanie Chevalier’s editing services. Her edits of my fiction manuscript were prompt, efficient, and thorough. She is sensitive to the author’s voice and doesn’t try to edit it away, while at the same time providing comments that are fair and helpful. Working with Joanie was an enriching experience and my manuscript is better because of her input.” – Holly A. Bell, Author of Trading Salvos

“I can highly recommend Joanie Chevalier’s services. She is fast, fun, encouraging, and reliable. Her accuracy and eye for detail makes her a perfect choice and her clients get quick deadline turnaround, impressive thoroughness and a helpful professional attitude. I already plan to use her again and I wouldn’t hesitate to commend her work to anyone else needing a professional eye cast over their work or suggestions as to plot or structure.” – C.A. Asbrey, Author of The Innocents series

“As an author, I get immersed in my work and that’s a good thing. However, the bad part is that I get tunnel vision: I get so wrapped up in my view of the story, I can no longer objectively see what I’m saying. Does it make sense? Am I clearly expressing myself? Have I missed other aspects to my tale? Joanie provides me with another set of eyes, an unbiased third party looking over my shoulder and telling me what a reader would see. What works and what doesn’t work. Have I hit my mark? Are there outstanding issues? Confused language, plot holes, even bad grammar? For me, Joanie is a valuable resource in perfecting my writing, giving me important feedback during the editing process. I recommend her work.” -William Quincy Belle, Author of Of Sound Mind and Someone Else’s Body

“Joanie made each of my three books a better read through her constructive comments, objective observations and personal involvement and support. She’s a real writer’s friend offering an editing service that writers want and need.” – Brian A. Hawkins, Author of The Stamp

“Working with Joanie on the editing of my book The Dream Vision Reality Guide took away so much of the anxiety and nerves I felt around self-publishing. She was not only helpful and accurate, but she also went above and beyond to help me with additional formatting questions I had outside of her editing work. She is super fast, accessible, and eager to answer the many questions that come from first time authors like myself. I will definitely be using Joanie’s services for future books and will happily refer her to those in my network looking for quality content editing.” – Cherise Mattheson, Author of The Dream Vision Reality Guide

“Joanie is fantastic. She didn’t take away my voice. And that’s huge. She’s confident to point out areas of weakness and her attention to grammar, sentence flow and structure is so on point. A million thank yous.” – Tanja Kobasic, Author 

“Joanie Chevalier not only is a great proofreader but she is also a wonderful editor as well. Her advice was insightful and helped me get unstuck in many ways. I highly recommend her services to anyone!” – Douglas Farrago MD, Author of Diary of a Drug Rep

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