What I do:

Beta Reading Service
I will read your story and make suggestions, looking for any inconsistencies or plot/character issues, and will provide a one-page summary.

$60 up to 30k words, $10 increments per 10k words thereafter.

Content Editing
I am an indie author myself so I provide a thorough, low-cost service:
I will evaluate the entire story, giving attention to:

  • how the story flows
  • discrepancies in the plot, characters, and dialogue

I will ask the questions:

  • do the characters stay consistent?
  • are there any plot holes, or a subplot that doesn’t fit?
  • is the story readable, i.e., will it grab the attention of the reader?
  • does the story fit within the stated genre/age range?

I will also:

  • make comments/suggestions throughout the story
  • point out any obvious typos
  • provide a report

PRICES (Subject to a Writing Sample)

These fees may go up or down, depending
on the assessment of the writing sample provided

A 1,000-word edit sample on a document longer than 10k is provided.

Turn-around time is usually 14 days (if not sooner).

Copyediting Certificate

Special! Up to 5k: $ 25

5k-10k: $75

10k-20k words: $125

20k-30k words: $175

30k-40k words: $200

40k-50k words: $235

50k-60k words: $275

60k-70k words: $325

70k-80k words: $375

90k-100k wds: $425

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